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February 1999

Editorial: Palate or Palatte: Is it Art? By Martin Rowe

Grace Notes: The Music of Mihoko Suzuki
She is, perhaps, unique: a performance artist, classical composer and animal advocate whose work is at once viceral and lyrical.

Art Without Apology
By Jessica Dadds
My artwork is unapologetically didactic. It is about combining two things that I am passionate about: educating the public about the cruelty that exists in the meat, dairy and egg industries and exploring the creative process.

Koko and Michael: Gorilla Art

Koko and Michael are two lowland gorillas who currently reside at the Gorilla Foundation in Woodside, CA.

Campaigning for Change: New Artistic Terriories
By Peter Fend
While art looks back to its origins and the human needs for survival, it also offers a way forward for cleaning up the mess we have made. Peter Fend offers some radical solutions.


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