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February 2006
Nov 2005 cover
On the cover: Photo © Stone

Editorial: The Sum of Our Parts
By Catherine Clyne

Brooklyn Birds
By Kymberlie Adams Matthews

I Held Them While They Died…
By Lawrence Carter-Long

Whistleblower on the Kill Floor
The Satya Interview with Virgil Butler and Laura Alexander

Which Came First: the Cruelty or the Egg?
By Erica Meier

Actual Size

I Know Why the Caged Birds Scream
By Pattrice Jones

Making Chickens Count
By Lauren Ornelas

Bred to Suffer: The Real Cost of Cheap Chicken
By Joyce D’Silva

Chickens, Eggs and the “Free- Range” Fallacy
By Monica Engebretson

It’s a Hard-Cluck Life
The Satya Interview with Pattrice Jones

Move Over Rover: The Urban Chicken Phenomenon
By Christine Morrissey

The Gestapo of the Human Spirit

By Karen Davis

Bird Flu Coming Home to Roost
The Satya Interview with Michael Greger

The Problem with Poop
The Satya Interview with Amy R. Sapkota

Where Do All the Feathers Go?
The Satya Interview with Walter Schmidt

Humane Meat?
By Bruce Friedrich
This article was removed by the author's request and can be read in the print edition of Satya.

Putting Taste to the Test: NYC’s Vegan Wings and Drumsticks
Review by Maureen C. Wyse

Cooking Without Eggs
Recipes by Kymberlie Adams Matthews

Fur Fight
By Dan Piraro

Bizarro by Dan Piraro

A Valentine’s Vegan Lunch Box
Recipes by Jennifer McCann

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