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February 2002

Editorial: Vegans Just Wanna Have Fun
By Catherine Clyne

Delicious Choices
By Sefika Sayood

Can You Believe It’s Vegan?
The Satya Interview with Rebecca Steinmetz

From the Pros: The Secrets of Vegan Baking
By Livia Alexander

By Millennium’s Amy Pearce, Candle Café’s Jorge Pineda, Rising Sun Bakery’s Shaphan Laos, and Amy Mastronardi of Hippie Chick Bakery

Sweet Survey of NYC
By Anne Sullivan

Dairy-Free(ze): Non-Dairy Desserts for Vegans
By Claudette Silver

Chocolate: Rich Taste, Richer History
By Rachel Cernansky

Sugar: The Bittersweet Story
By Samantha Knowlden

The Honey Files
By Angela Starks

If You Work for Peace, Why Pay for War?
By Mary Loehr

War News: Animals in Afghanistan
By Mia MacDonald

Vegetarian Advocate: Lies Carnivores Tell Themselves
By Jack Vegetarianberger

Cover: From the Dinner’s On Me! 2001 calendar by Uneeda Artworks. Author: Karen Davisson, Clothes by Housewears.


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