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February 2001

Guest Editorial: Fugitive Truth: the Selection Election Reconstructed
By Mia MacDonald


The Animal Underground Railroad

Emma DeRosa: The “Dalai Lama” of Cat Rescue

Tami Friedman: Stock Broker by Day/Dog Rescuer by Night

Vegetarian Advocate: Heifer Project International Breeds Animal Slavery
By Jack Rosenberger

Regina Massaro: A Friend to “Junkyard” Dogs

Matt Mitler: Filmmaker and Animal Rescuer

Homeless Cats “101”: A “How to” Guide

Rooster Run
By Joyce Friedman

What Should I do if I See an Animal Being Abused?
From the ASPCA

Facts About Animal Shelters
By the ASPCA

Some Thoughts on The Center for Animal Care and Control
By Claude Matthews

The Story of Franklin the Sheep

By Green Chimneys

Alice Hopper: Activist Bunny
By Carol Moon




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