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December 1998

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Editorial: Only Disconnect By Martin Rowe

Making the Ground Holy: An Interview With Mary Evelyn Tucker
From May 1996 to July 1998, a series of ten conferences were held, focusing on the ecological traditions of each of the major world religions. Mary Ellen Tucker was one of the prime movers in these discussions.

Blame it on Rio? The Political and Scientific Response to the Environmental Crisis
As part of the conference entitled “Religion and Ecology: Discovering the Common Ground”, experts were asked to speak about developments in environmental issues.

Seven Generations On: The Religious Response to the Environmental Crisis

Chimpanzees in Africa: The Satya Interview with Deborah Fouts By Vanessa Alford
Drs. Roger and Deborah Fouts are among the best-known advocates for the protection and welfare of chimpanzees in the world.

The Solution to Polution: Public Policy and Sustainability
By Joanna Underwood
In the early 1970s we had a very simple idea about pollution and clearing it up....We thought we didn’t have to change; and although we did change how we make things, we didn’t change what we made.

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