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December 2005/ January 2006
Nov 2005 cover
On the Cover: Clockwise, from left: Cindy Sheehan. Photo: © Jeff Mitchell/Reuters/Corbis
(see article); Abdul Hussain. Photo: © 2004 Tyler Hicks from Histories Are Mirrors (Umbrage, 2004) (see article); Wangari Maathai. Photo: © Issei Kato/Reuters/Corbis, (see article); Soldier in the 82nd Airborne. Photo: © Occupation Dreamland (see article).

Editorial: Rooted in New York
By Catherine Clyne

Paths to Peace
Enough is Enough! A Soldier’s Mom Stands Up for Peace
The Satya Interview with Cindy Sheehan

Fighting for Innocence

The Satya Interview with Oscar Torres

121Contact: Bringing Baghdad and Brooklyn Youth Together— One Email at a Time
By Bruce Wallace

Featured Photography Book
Unembedded: Four Independent Photojournalists on the War in Iraq

Wake Up America! Iraq is no Dreamland
The Satya Interview with Garrett Scott and Ian Olds

Featured Photography Book
Histories Are Mirrors: The Path of Conflict Through Afghanistan and Iraq

Think Pink!
The Satya Interview with Nancy Kricorian

Planting Peace
The Satya Interview with Wangari Maathai

The Responsibility to Protect
The Satya Interview with Grace Mukagabiro

Amahoro in the Kingdom of Gorillas
By Sangamithra Iyer

Dandora—Down in the Dumps
By Rachel Cernansky

From Banda Aceh to New Orleans: A Global Perspective on Local Recovery
The Satya Interview with Diane Johnson

The Peaceful Palate
Eat Peace! The No-Kill Philosophy of Native Foods
The Satya Interview with Tanya Petrovna

The Magical Butternut Squash
By Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Whole Lotta Latkes
Recipes by Joshua Ploeg

Certified Naturally Grown: A Different Kind of Organic

The Satya Interview with Ron Khosla

Go Jane!
Book Review by Sangamithra Iyer

Open Your Palate
Restaurant Reviews by Maureen C. Wyse

Peace Begins on the Plate
Book Review by Charles Patterson

Vegetarian Advocate: Warning: Milk Does A Body Bad
By Jack Rosenberger

Other Stuff
Featured Artist: Tim Rusmisel’s Christmas Trees

Are EcoVillages the Future?
Review by Beth Fiteni

First “Kaboom,” Then “Aha!”
Book Review by Dave Platter

Can Autism “Decode” Animals?
Book Review by Karen Davis

Bizarro by Dan Piraro

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