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December 02/ January 03

Prisoners of Commerce
By Catherine Clyne
Comfortable Ignorance
By Rachel Cernansky

Stopping Slavery: An Abolitionist Call to Action

By Jesse Sage

Slavery: Alive and Thriving in the World Today
The Satya Interview with Kevin Bales, Part I

Slave Redemption—A Tactic of Last Resort
By Martin Arrowsmith

The Cruelty of Invisibility: A First-hand Account of Child Slavery in Haiti
By Jean-Robert Cadet

A Problem of Enforcement: The United Nations and Slavery
By Beth Gould

Reparations for African Americans: Making Up for 400 Years of Slavery
The Satya Interview with Tukufu Zuberi

Bogaletch Gebre: A “Flash of Light”: Empowering Ethiopian Women to Fight for their Rights
By Christine Keyser

Slavery: Making the Link to our Daily Lives
The Satya Interview with Kevin Bales, Part II

A More Perfect Union
By Martin Rowe

Compassionate Cat Rescue in Israel
By Liz Wassell

Vegetarian Advocate: How One Vegetarian Makes a Difference
By Jack Rosenberger

Shopping our Way to a Better World: Can “Green Consumerism” Save the Planet while Ensuring Social Justice?
By Fhar Miess

Cruelty-free Retail: Can we Shop Our Way to Animal Liberation?
By Adam Weissman



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