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December 2001/ January 2002

Editorial: Unnecessary Fuss
By Catherine Clyne

Voting Vegan

By Joseph Connelly

A Legacy of Nonviolence
The Satya Interview with Arun Gandhi

Alternative Media
Moving the Animal Rights Movement: The Satya Interview with Kim Stallwood
By Patrick Kwan

Bridging the Divide
The Satya Interview with Jim Motavalli

Editor to Editor
The Satya Interview with Joseph Connelly

Guerilla Newsworthy
The Satya Interview with Anthony Lappé
By Anne Sullivan

The Vegetarian Center of New York
By Rachel Cernansky


Hydrogen: The New Power Source?
The Satya Interview with Seth Dunn

Fueling Around: The Story of the Veg
gie Van
By Joshua Tickell

The Courage to Vote No
By Claudette Silver

Vegetarian Advocate: How to Dine with Carnivores Without Throwing Up
By Jack Vegetarianberger


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