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April 2001

Editorial: The “Duh!” Factor: Chemicals and Common Sense
By Catherine Clyne

Groundwater at Risk?
Interview With Payal Sampat

Less is More: Making Changes and Saving Water
Interview with Sandra Postel

Time to Evolve Webbed Feet? Global Warming and Rising Sea Levels Interview with Lisa Mastny

PCBs in the Hudson: GE Says “No Cleanup Necessary”
By David Higby

Getting the Water Right: The Restoration of the Florida Everglades
By April H. Gromnicki

Fluoridation Folly
By Carol S. Kopf

Pipe Dreams
By Michael Clyne

Dam Removal Success Stories
By American Rivers, Friends of the Earth, and Trout Unlimited

Update on Narmada Dam Projects
By Samantha Knowlden

Human Rights and the Environment: When Defending the Planet Means Risking Your Freedom or Your Life
By Mia MacDonald

Vegetarian Advocate: For Encouraging Animal Murder, CBS’s “Survivor” Stinks!
By Jack Rosenberger



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