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April 2000

Editorial: Blue Old Blue Shooting From the Hip is Hardly a Laughing Matter
By Catherine Clyne

For the Greater Common Good: The Pen as a Tool for Activism

An Interview with Author Arundhati Roy

Did You Know? Environmental Gleanings from Around the World

Not Moving but Drowning: Satyagraha and the Narmada Dam
By Catherine Clyne and Samantha Knowlden

Organic Standards Revisited: Beyond the USDA Proposals
By Ronnie Cummins

The Potential for Global Human Solidarity: HIV Through the Eyes of a Physician on the Front Lines
The Satya Interview with Paul Farmer

The Melting of Earth’s Ice Cover Reaches a New High
By Lisa Mastny

Through a Green Light: Environmental Activism Puts Down Roots in China

The Satya Interview with Sheri Xiaoyi Liao

Nature-Art and the Child’s Mind
By Julie Starks

Vegetarian Advocate
By Jack Rosenberger

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