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April 2005

On the Cover: ASPCA Special Agent Kristi Adams. Photo: Richard Rehab

Editorial: A Round on Me
By Kymberlie Adams Matthews

Activism at Work

The Real Vegan Police
The Satya Interview with Kristi Adams

On the Right Side of the Law
The Satya Interview with Amy Trakinski and Len Egert

Do No Harm
By Holly Cheever, DVM

The Doctor is In
The Satya Interview with Neal Barnard

Nurses Just Say No
By Angela Starks

The Great Taco Boycott
The Satya Interview with Julia Perkins

A House of Paper
The Satya Interview with Shigeru Ban

Dissecting the Media
The Satya Interview with Danny Schechter

Recipe for Success: An Activist Offers Food for Thought
By Mark Hawthorne

Athletes Get Active
By Bradley Saul

Widening the Circle Through Example
By Valerie Chalcraft

Simple Ways to Green Your Office

Vegetarian Advocate: Encouraging Vegetarianism at the Office
By Jack Vegetarianberger

The Unorthodox Orthodox
By Kelley Wind

Vegan Kosher Dishes for Passover
Recipes by Joshua Ploeg

A Journey of Food
Cookbook Review by Chef Matteo

Bizarro by Dan Piraro




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